Order Your Union Badge

You can order/upgrade your Union badge here for $15.00

If you are a new member and paid $319.00 for a year membership, your badge is already included.

Your dues must be current to receive a badge. Please make sure to write your name exactly the way you would like it to appear on your badge.

If you are a Master Hypnotist and will soon qualify for Certified Hypnotherapist you may want to wait for your badge to be ordered.  If you choose to wait, please contact us and let us know.

You MUST be a member in order to receive a badge. Make sure to give us the correct mailing address. We will only pay to ship it once. 

Badges that are shipped out of the USA will require an extra fee for postage.

***IMPORTANT: If you are using PayPal or paying by credit card, please make sure that your credit card account has your name on it and has your current contact information or we will refund your purchase. ***

Please Select Your Certification Level

All information will be verified.  Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery!

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