Frequently Asked Questions about the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472

Why should I join the Union?

By joining the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 you open the door to becoming an active participant in protecting your right to practice hypnosis and hypnotherapy in your State or region. Your affiliation with the AFL-CIO and OPEIU gives your voice concerning your right to practice much greater strength than any one of us would have on our own.

In addition, the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 has the highest requirements for classroom hours and supervised experience for any hypnotherapy certification agency in the United States or Canada. So by joining the Hypnotherapists Union, you are affiliating yourself with professional quality and integrity.

Where does my money go?

Unlike most certification agencies, no one individual or corporation becomes enriched from your fees. In fact, only a small fraction of your fees cover administrative expenses. The vast majority of your membership fees and annual dues are used to maintain our affiliation with the international AFL-CIO and the OPEIU.

Recently, with AFL-CIO and OPEIU assistance, we helped defeat legislation attempting to ban lay hypnotherapy in Hawaii. In prior years the Hypnotherapists Union defeated legislation in California that attempted to restrict hypnosis for smoking and weight loss to medical doctors. The advantage of using our fees to affiliate with the AFL-CIO and OPEIU is to gain access to their lobbyists, legislative consultants and the use of their name when advocating our right to practice.

Why should I get certified?

Certification as a Union Hypnotherapist promotes your credibility as a professional. Utilizing the global awareness of the AFL-CIO name and logo in your promotional materials is also an important marketing tool. It helps to instill needed confidence in your abilities in new and potential clients, a vital foundation for success in practice.

How can I participate and have a voice?

Your membership entitles you access to the Hypnotherapists Union website and information about State and Regional laws in the United States and Canada. Your membership with the Hypnotherapists Union connects you to other Union members and allows you to share information and work as a united group for a common cause.

In addition, your membership with the Hypnotherapists Union will guide you on how to be an activist to protect your rights to practice and give you a power to make a call to action to protect that right in your State or Region. The Hypnotherapists Union, connects it members directly with the Legislators that make the decision that will affect your right to practice and impress them with numbers and Union affiliation that tends influence political decisions.

What are the requirements for membership?

The Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 is known for seeking quality before quantity in its membership. It has three distinct membership classifications based on the Hypnotist's schooling and experience in the field. This gives the member the confidence of being able to verify to the client they have earned their classification title, and will give added assurance to the client that they are seeing a professional and not just a self-proclaimed Hypnotherapist. The Hypnotherapists Union offers three levels of certification.

Do I need to graduate from a Union approved school?

The Hypnotherapist Union has a policy not to promote one school over another.  We have set our standards high and accept graduates from any school that meets or exceeds those standards.  See the standards listed at for each level of certification and check with the school before you enroll to be sure that the program meets or exceeds the listed qualifications.


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