About OPEIU and the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472

Working for you today... and protecting your tomorrow.

Our union was founded on two fundamental and essential principles: First was to establish a certification agency that was not privately owned or controlled and that was democratically run by the hypnotherapist members; and second, to establish a lobbying partner that gave us the clout we needed to battle any private interest group that wants to take away our right to practice hypnosis, a right that has been challenged again and again across the United States and

As part of the Office and Professional Workers International Union, members of the Hypnotherapists Union are part of an international organization of over 145,000 white collar professionals. United with the greater AFL-CIO we are over 13,000,000 strong, creating a powerful voice in our legislative bodies nationwide.

In order to protect our members and our livelihood - your livelihood - our union is constantly monitoring the legislative landscape. The Hypnotherapists Union is the only certification agency that is not run or controlled by one person, and is the only one run by the members through a democratically elected board. The board is elected every three years to represent and serve you.

Once you have joined the union make sure to go the the Members Only page to take advantage of benefits and discounts!

Every member counts - we need you!

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